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Jane Housham

I'm a collector, artist and writer -- not always in that order. I also work as a publisher.

I'm quite a driven person and try to make the most of my time. I've spent more time writing than making art recently and have been writing a novel set in 1946. I'm keen to find a literary agent to represent it!

I love to investigate things from the past, particularly old photographs. You can find some of my photo investigations on my blog, Things To Make And Do. I'm also very active on Instagram as @foundandchosen, where you can see my little collections.

A lot of my art references the past too. I’m increasingly drawn towards realistic painting, although the reality I’m trying to reproduce may be a photograph or an old postcard.

I like postcards for the same reason that I like Google Street View: they are real moments frozen in time. The best thing about postcards, for me, is the people who are caught on them, especially those who just happen to be there, captured rather than posing. I like to discover the tiny dramas hidden in postcards and have written a book of short stories about them called Blow-Ups.

I have two main ways of working. I mostly either paint in acrylics on canvas or I work in oil pastel over large digital prints. I also love to do collage and recently I've been making digital prints as well.

Contact me if you're interested in buying my work:

Thanks! Message sent.

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